How do college students do partie-time online?

How do college students do partie-time online?

From Volume 5 onwards, we will be in the second act of the second year, and I think it will be a big turning point.

Next time will be the start of the second semester, and it will be a special exam separated by year group.

While I was surprised when I realised that this will be the first time in several books that we have had a special exam for second year students only, I will be happy if you enjoy the next volume too.

I know there’s a lot going on in the world right now, but let’s all do our best to get through this.

Well then, I hope to see you again soon!

What’s the point of getting stronger in a world without the Great Demon King? That was my excuse for being unable to scale that wall.

Even though people around me claim that I am “talented,” I was never called a “genius”, a “monster”, or the “Second Coming of the Hero”.

There were times when I showed the result of my efforts.

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However, the words said at such times were always the same.

―― As expected, he’s the son of a Hero

It doesn’t feel like I’m being praised.

And then, the words usually said during my off days, when results were lower than usual.

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―― In the end, he’s still immature compared to his father the Hero

It felt so annoying!

Is it because I’m so spoiled that my heart gets dispirited?

My father, one of the heroes who saved the world, married my mother, one of his comrades, and I was born.