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Sudō offered a blunt, somewhat crude suggestion, but Ike replied with a tone of despair.

“It’s just not that simple. Not anymore.”

“Did something happen, Ike-senpai?”

“Shinohara is in a group together with Komiya right now. That guy… probably likes her too.”

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At this point, Hondō and Sudō finally began to get a grasp of what was happening.

“Plus, well… it seems like she sees him as someone special as well.”

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A boy and a girl who were conscious of each other, working together in the same group to get through all of this. This exam was a crucial battle with our futures at the school hanging in the balance, so the conditions were perfect for the formation of close bonds and strong feelings that weren’t there before.

“I… I only realized that I was fallin’ in love with Shinohara a little while ago… So when this exam came around, I wanted to group up with her more than anything. But I just couldn’t be freaking honest about it so we started fightin’ like we always do… It’s pathetic… This whole time, I’ve just been searching for her…”

Ike had been distracted for a while now; His eyes had been searching, chasing after a glimpse of Shinohara’s shadow.

“Maybe I just got the wrong idea at some point, thinking she liked me somehow even though we argue so much… I’m such a loser. Even now I’ve got no idea what I shouldda done differently.”

There would always be times when you wonder if the feelings you have are mutual, just as Ike had. But even so, it was impossible for anybody to truly know the feelings of the other party.

This was something I had experienced firsthand back when I confessed to Kei.

“Can’t you just be honest with her, Ike-senpai? I don’t necessarily think that’d be a bad thing.”

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Nanase shared her thoughts after hearing out what Ike had to say.

“But… Shinohara’s together with that Komiya guy while I’m here in the friendzone.”

“I’m not so certain about that. This is just a guess, but… don’t you think Shinohara-senpai has just been waiting for you to draw the line?”

“Draw the line…?”

“From what I’ve been told, you’re someone who’s always bright and cheerful to everyone. Someone who often speaks what’s on your mind. Of course, I’m sure that Shinohara-senpai has a high opinion of you in this regard as well. That said, don’t you think she might wish she could be someone a little more special to you?”