Game false advertisement on online hang up

Game false advertisement on online hang up

Bro was unusually silent to the question, which included my sarcasm.

Yes, he was puzzled by this too.

“When it comes to this point, the level of talk is different from baguette head’s direct sales. And you already know that, don’t you? Toulowe and Skevern... and the matter with this minister, it won’t be solved simply by bowing your head, taking responsibility and getting beaten the hell up.”

It doesn’t matter to me what happens to this gambling den or what happens to the hoodlums. It didn’t matter.

As for Toulowe, I didn’t feel like taking him to the Demon Realm or letting him escape.

However, I will strike it with all my might. That was about it.

As for Bro, even if I couldn’t agree with him, I felt like we could at least handle this issue together.

“I mean, I haven’t been around as long as you have, but I know that much even if I don’t know the world as much as you do.”

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“Certainly... maybe so...but...... even so I can’t simply abandon it, this harsh place...”

“I know. Whatever the reason, you’re so committed to this town and this place that you would risk your life.... I understand that resolution... but you can’t afford to live like that.”

But then I say.

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“At first, I wasn’t motivated to go that far with Toulowe. It’s just a matter of fighting as an enemy ... and giving cheap sympathy, or at the very least, a serious fight. But, strangely, with Toulowe, maybe because we clashed with each other with all our might... even if he was a criminal... already ... claiming ‘It’s nothing to do with me’ was no longer enough.”

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Now that the fight is over, my heart was as shaken as it was before the fight.

“Hah~...that’s right.... from hating each other, to acknowledging each other before we realized... to exchange fists and before you know it, you become good friends...there are fights like that once in a while.... can’t stop them. And? What are you going to do?”

“I’m not asking you what to do. I’m just going to do this.”

With that said, I stood in front of the Toulowe who couldn’t get up after being treated by Shinobu, as if to face Chitsue.

“Earth... you... what are you doing...are you?”