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“Let’s go, Fu.”

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“I’m going, too. And... I’m also concerned about ‘her’. Maybe ‘she’ got involved...”

“Then, me too!”

Fu-kun, Rival-kun, Phianse-hime, and Coman-san all said what they needed to do.

“Hmm? ‘She’? Who are you referring to?”

And Mikado-sama, who had not yet heard of the situation, reacted.

Yes, Honey wasn’t the only issue.

Ogibo-sama bit her lips...

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“Actually, Sadiz was chasing Earth with us... after the black vortex, when the darkness cleared, Sadiz was gone.”

Yes, she was missing, the woman I secretly believed in my heart to be the greatest obstacle.

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A spontaneous and shocking scene in the bathroom.

I was having breakfast in the dining hall with a broken heart.

“He, heh~, that’s what happened... I’m sorry to hear that~?”

“Stop, don’t pity me, Elder Sis Tsukshi.”

“Really, that Amae... even if, I see... Mr. Machio’s...”

“Hey, your face flushed red, what are you imagining?”

I sighed as Elder Sis Tsukshi, who heard of Amae’s cruel words in the bathroom, looked pitifully at me on the other side and her face was bright red with ‘what’ she imagined.

I’m going to have to do some hard training to get rid of this heartbreak...

“Yes, but I think it’s okay! Earth is a pretty nice guy, so girls won’t even care about that!”