Is the online chicken egg make money?

Is the online chicken egg make money?

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Anyone who bought it and placed it at home could most likely be guaranteed that his guests would be curious about it. It would give him so much face once he explained how it works to them.

Old Ma’s ‘awkward criticism’ had been too strict on the smart bickering machine. That had triggered many viewers’ reverse psychology.

You may say that it won’t do, but I think it’s rather good!

I think it’s quite worth it even if you say that the price-quality ratio isn’t good!

It was starting a very dangerous trend even though that only made up a few bullet screen comments.

Pei Qian sipped his drink silently to calm himself down.

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“It’s alright, it’s alright. These are all superficial skills. He evaluated the actual functionality of the stereo system later.”

“Once they evaluate the sound quality, we will definitely be exposed. After all, you get what you pay for.”

Pei Qian calmed himself down and continued reading.

After showing the internal structure of the sound system, Chen Yufeng reloaded the sound system and began the audio testing segment.

Professional equipment had also been prepared for this segment to facilitate the collection of sounds from different directions.

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After all, some of the products here were echo walls. They had to use special equipment to pick sounds to show the effect of the echo walls surrounding them.

Of course, even with the best sound system and recording equipment, the audience were still only listening to the sounds coming from their own cell phone speakers or earphones.

The sound quality would definitely be seriously distorted with these devices.

Even so, they could roughly differentiate the quality of the different equipment sounds.

Chen Yufeng adjusted all the equipment in no time and played the same song with them one by one. Each equipment would play a small segment.

The Great Master Audio Reviewers on the bullet screen started their evaluation.