Is it now to sell products?

Is it now to sell products?

“Besides, Ichinose’s class is excellent. There’s still a long way to go until we graduate from Class A. Ichinose’s class will probably get through the next special exam with ease.”

“I’m saying they’re not good enough. No matter how unjust a future awaits, you need to become a demon to win Class A. Just like I tried to do.”

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“Even if it means students are expelled?”

“Even if it means students are expelled.”

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“At any rate,” she paused for a moment. “Hirata, Kushida, Horikita, Kōenji, Ayanokōji…No matter how much I think about it, it’s too unfair.”

“As usual, it’s a class with many students considered to be troublemakers, but there’s a strange sense of solidarity. It’s as if every flaw is being eliminated one by one.”

“I’m hoping the next special exam will smash that to pieces.”

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Saying that, Hoshinomiya rested her head on Mashima’s shoulder.

“I might’ve gotten a little drunk…I think I’d like to take a little break…in your room, Mashima-kun.”

“If you’re going to sleep, sleep in your own room.”

“So harsh. Surely there’s a kinder way to put it?”

“If you’re going to sleep, it would be better to go back to your own room.”

“It hardly changed!”

She pulled herself closer, as if hugging his muscular left arm. However, Mashima used his strength to forcefully pull it out of her grip.

“Are you bothered?”

“I’m not bothered.”

“Ehh, then at least take me back to my room~ And then maybe we should have another drink in there? Until morning.”