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“Fast... I guess.”

He jumped in front of me as soon as it started and swung down at my shoulder from above.

I backstep only half a step to avoid it.

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However, he reacted to my movement, immediately changing the trajectory of the sword and turned the swing into a thrust.

The sharply changed trajectory of the sword aims at my left flank. But...... Here, I evaded sideways by a hair’s breadth.


While evading to the side, I noticed Rebal’s head is defenseless.

Oh, I could get three left-handed flicker shots in. But for the time being, let’s just get around that.

“...... My eyes are getting much better... very responsive.”

It seems Rebal and the blood that had gone to his head have settled a little.

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You didn’t expect me to avoid the sword twice.

His eyes are returning to their original shade with some astonishment.

For now, I’ll take a little distance and wait.

“Oh... that Earth... he evaded it.”

“...... Without useless movement...... Perfectly...”