How to make money online chess room

How to make money online chess room

Pei Qian was stunned.

It was then that he realized he had committed an empirical mistake!

He had set up a sign in front of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe before, which had indeed worked to dissuade customers from entering. For a long time, many people walked away after seeing the prices, and no one bothered about Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

Later, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe became popular mainly because of Chen Lei, and Chen Lei had only been hired as the resident singer because of Zhang Yuan. All of those had nothing to do with the sign.

Thus, Pei Qian had always been under the impression that putting a sign up at the entrance was a good way to dissuade customers from entering.

However, he now realized that Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and the gym’s signs had different contents!

Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s sign had its prices written on it, including the cost of drinks and surfing the net. After reading it, customers had only one thought: ‘expensive’. They did not become curious; neither did they have the desire to investigate more or spread the news.

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However, Deposit Fitness’ sign had its sales model. It wasn’t just expensive, but it also included fitness meals, a strict and custom-made fitness plan, and the like.

Customers’ first thought after reading it would not be that it was expensive, but that it was interesting! That was because no other gym was doing the same.

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Of course, unique regulations like Deposit Fitness’ would ignite discussions. Curious people would naturally come over to take a look.

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In other words, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s sign was alright, but Deposit Fitness’ sign was problematic. In fact, it was very problematic! Pei Qian’s face drained of all color when he realized his mistake. After a moment of silence, he said, “Take down the sign.”

Guo Licheng pondered for a moment and then said, “Boss Pei, news of the sign has already spread, and we’ve already attracted the nearby customers. Do you want to take down the sign to attract more people?” Pei Qian: “...”

I can’t leave the sign up, and I can’t take the sign down. What the h*ll should I do then?!

Finally, Pei Qian decided not to be hung up over this matter. Sorrowfully, he said, “So... you’re not going to tell me that the gym’s losses have been turned into profits, are you?”

Guo Licheng was stunned. After he recovered from the shock, he shook his head. “Losses have been turned into profits? Boss Pei, you’re being too optimistic. Where are we at now?

“I mean Deposit Fitness is doing alright for now. After all, we’ve made some improvements. However, it’s still too early for our losses to turn into profits.

“It looks like there are many people here, but don’t forget that it’s Sunday.

“Sundays are the peak periods for gyms. If this were a workday, the gym would be much more deserted.”