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"I have seen your father - I?" she said.

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"Yes, last evening. How could I have forgotten it? While you werewaiting for me down stairs, between eleven and half-past eleven amiddle-aged man, thin, wearing a long overcoat, came and asked forme.""Yes, I remember.""He spoke to you in the yard.""That's a fact.""What did he tell you?"She hesitated for a moment, evidently trying to tax her memory; then,"Nothing," she replied, "that he had not already said before theFortins; that he wanted to see you on important business, and wassorry not to find you in. What surprised me, though, is, that hewas speaking as if he knew me, and knew that I was a friend of yours."Then, striking her forehead," Perhaps you are right," she went on. "Perhaps that man was indeedyour father. Wait a minute. Yes, he seemed quite excited, and atevery moment he looked around towards the door. He said it would beimpossible for him to return, but that he would write to you, andthat probably he would require your assistance and your services.""You see," exclaimed Maxence, almost crazy with subdued excitement,"it was my father. He is going to write; to return, perhaps; and,under the circumstances, to apply to a commissary of police wouldbe sheer folly, almost treason."She shook her head.

"So much the more reason," she uttered, "why you should follow myadvice. Have you ever had occasion to repent doing so?""No, but you may be mistaken.""I am not mistaken."She expressed herself in a tone of such absolute-certainty, thatMaxence, in the disorder of his mind, was at a loss to know what toimagine, what to believe.

"You must have some reason to urge me thus," he said.

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"I have.""Why not tell it to me then?""Because I should have no proofs to furnish you of my assertions.

Because I should have to go into details which you would notunderstand. Because, above all, I am following one of thoseinexplicable presentiments which never deceive."It was evident that she was not willing to unveil her whole mind;and yet Maxence felt himself terribly staggered.

Think of my agony," he said, " if I were to cause my father's arrest.""Would my own be less? Can any misfortune strike you withoutreaching me? Let us reason a little. What were you saying a momentsince? That certainly your father is not as guilty as people think;at any rate, that he is not alone guilty; that he has been but theinstrument of rascals more skillful and more powerful than himself;and that he has had but a small share of the twelve millions?""Such is my absolute conviction.""And that you would like to deliver up to justice the villains whohave benefitted by your father's crime, and who think themselves sureof impunity?"Tears of anger fell from Maxence's eyes.

"Do you wish to take away all my courage?" he murmured.

"No; but I wish to demonstrate to you the necessity of the stepwhich I advise you to take. The end justifies the means; and wehave not the choice of means. Come, 'tis to an honest man and atried friend that I shall take you. Fear nothing. If he remembersthat he is commissary of police, it will be to serve us, not toinjure you. You hesitate? Perhaps at this moment he alreadyknows more than we do ourselves."Maxence took a sudden resolution.

Very well," he said: "let us go."In less than five minutes they were off; and, as they went out, theyhad to disturb Mme. Fortin, who stood at the door, gossiping withtwo or three of the neighboring shop-keepers.

As soon as Maxence and Mlle. Lucienne were out of hearing,"You see that young man," said the honorable proprietress of theHotel des Folies to her interlocutors. "Well, he is the son of thatfamous cashier who has just run off with twelve millions, afterruining a thousand families. It don't seem to trouble him, either;for there he is, going out to spend a pleasant day with his mistress,and to treat her to a fine dinner with the old man's money."Meantime, Maxence and Lucienne reached the commissary's house. Hewas at home; they walked in. And, as soon as they appeared,"I expected you," he said.

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He was a man already past middle age, but active and vigorous still.

With his white cravat and long frock-coat, he looked like a notary.

Benign was the expression of his countenance; but the lustre of hislittle gray eyes, and the mobility of his nostrils, showed that itshould not be trusted too far.

"Yes, I expected you," he repeated, addressing himself as much toMaxence as to Mlle. Lucienne. "It is the Mutual Credit matter whichbrings you here?"Maxence stepped forward,"I am Vincent Favoral's son, sir," he replied. "I have still mymother and a sister. Our situation is horrible. Mlle. Luciennesuggested that you might be willing to give me some advice; and herewe are."The commissary rang, and, on the bell being answered,"I am at home for no one," he said.

And then turning to Maxence,"Mlle. Lucienne did well to bring you," he said; "for it may be,that, whilst rendering her an important service, I may also renderyou one. But I have no time to lose. Sit down, and tell me allabout it." With the most scrupulous exactness Maxence told thehistory of his family, and the events of the past twenty-four hours.