Children making money online

Children making money online

That way, he could deduce the current capacity and state of the gym. He could even roughly calculate the waiting time.

The crowd during peak periods could be dispersed through the application. Not only could it improve the customer’s user experience, but it could also improve the configurations and increase efficiency.

Wouldn’t it be a success if he used big data to guide fitness?

Che Rong was fantasizing about the beautiful future of Star Bird Fitness when Li Shi arrived.

“Boss Li!” Che Rong immediately went up to him.

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Boss Pei was the root cause of the change in Star Bird Fitness to Che Rong. Star Bird Fitness would not have its current model if not for the smart fitness drying rack and VR glasses developed by Boss Pei.

However, Boss Li was definitely the most grateful.

If Boss Li had not suggested this model and pulled the strings to get Star Bird Fitness related to Tengda Corporation, it would not have developed so smoothly.

Thus, Che Rong was very grateful to Li Shi.

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Li Shi looked around at the state of the Star Bird Fitness flagship store and smiled. “Business is good! I knew that Boss Pei’s arrangements would be foolproof. There’s no need to worry at all.”

Che Rong nodded. “That’s right!”

“By the way, Boss Li, Boss Pei came here yesterday but left after walking around.”