How to hang up online

How to hang up online

“It’s been too long Earth! Well, you haven’t changed much, have you?”

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“I guess I’ve grown a little, right?”

I know he doesn’t mean much with the sarcasm, but starting our chat with ‘I haven’t changed much’, it felt like he was saying ‘I’m not growing’, still I just laughed and let it go.

“Hey, even after all this time they’re still noisy.”

“Eh, is that so? Oh right, we’ll give out souvenirs afterward, be sure to take it home.”

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“Hmm, darn.”

Fu tends to snuggle up to people with such a childish smile like a little kid, while Rebal won’t even approach unless he deems it necessary.

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Well, Fu aside, Rebal has always been like this. He’s not a bad guy, but he’s always cold.

“So, how was studying abroad?”

“Yes, it was a great learning experience! I was exposed to various magic, learned about those and about myself... It wasn’t easy, though. I also experienced an actual battle a little earlier.”

“It certainly was a hassle. Suddenly, a flock of wild fire dragons attacked where they were studying abroad, and we fought as temporary warriors.”

Somehow, I feel like they’re a little bit more boastful.

Sure enough, the people gathered around us and saying, “I want to hear, I want to hear!” The voice is raised.

“Well, that’s right. But I didn’t think you would be back at this time. I thought you guys would return closer to the graduation ceremony.”

I was hoping to change the topic because I would just end up miserable if I listened to their bragging story, but Fu and Rebal turned to me with eyes glaring at my question.