friends with money review

friends with money review

When Qiao Liang had visited the ‘Haunted House Nightmare’ and been scared half to death, he had already cursed the designer a thousand times in his heart.

When he had met and heard from Chen Kangtuo himself and learned that the latter had sacrificed so much for the sake of Thriller Hostel, he had felt respect.

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Now, seeing the four props, and the golden lantern that offered the simplest mode in particular, Qiao Liang felt immensely grateful for Chen Kangtuo.

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Anyone who can reduce my suffering would be considered family to me!

The golden lantern had been meant to be sold in the zone for handicraft and art pieces. It looked very beautiful and exquisite. Of course, it was also the most expensive of the four props.

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However, to Qiao Liang, the price was very acceptable. After all, he was not just buying a little toy. Instead, he was buying a gaming experience!

It was like the Red Kilin in Ocean Stronghold, which was only expensive because it offered additional in-game experiences.

Qiao Liang picked up the golden lantern and prepared to make payment. However, at that moment, his cell phone rang.

“Eh? It’s Boss Pei?”

Upon seeing that Boss Pei was calling him Qiao Liang was both surprised and happy. At that moment, his mind was filled with different thoughts.

How did Boss Pei know that I’m at the Thriller Hostel? Did someone inform Boss Pei in private?

Otherwise, did Boss Pei not know? Had he just thought about his good friend out of nowhere, and decided to invite me to visit Thriller Hostel?

Qiao Liang quickly accepted the call.

“Boss Pei!”