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After hearing Kushida's thoughts, Karuizawa asked an unsettling question.

“I don’t want fewer classmates, but this is a test that someone drops out of every year, right? There is no guarantee that Sudō-kun or I won’t fail, right?”

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“I can’t really guarantee you it, but-”

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“Then don’t say something like that so rashly in the first place.”

The relaxed atmosphere of the room gradually began to tense up.

“Kushida-san, I’ve always felt like you’ve been giving me lip service for a while now.”

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“Is that so…… I just want everyone to pass the exam safely……”

“It must be nice to be smart. You don’t even know what will happen to me.”

“It’s okay, Karuizawa-san. You’re involved in a reliable study group now.”

Even with Hirata backing her up, Karuizawa seemed entirely unconvinced.

“I've wanted to say this for a while now. Kushida-san, aren’t you behaving a little bit goody-goody?”

“Eh?…… D-Do you really think so……”

“Can you calm down, Karuizawa-san? We are in the middle of having a discussion about the finals right now. Don’t waste our time with unrelated matters.”

“Horikita-san, shut up a little. Hey, Kushida-san. Are you perhaps mocking my intelligence in your mind or something?”

“I wouldn’t do something like that.”

“In that case, don’t make promises like that. Since it’s hard for me every time I take an exam, can you take responsibility if I fail?”