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The epidemic is too serious, how do I make money online?

My physical ability was drastically enhanced by〈Zeon〉.

Zerey couldn’t react in time, and was full of openings.

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「Sakura Blossom One Sword Style – Mirrored Sakura Slash!」

Like a mirror match – four slashes from left and right each – eight unstoppable black slashes bared their fangs.

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It was impossible to pull through unscathed, thus Zerey jumped back, resolving himself to take some damage.


The black slashes caught his hands and feet. Fresh blood spurt out, dancing in the air.

(One more push!)

The moment I took a forward bent posture to launch a follow up attack,

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「Don’t underestimate a noble demonnnn!!!」Zerey suddenly roared a war cry.

Immediately after that, the sword wound that was carved onto his body healed with every passing second.

「This is a demon’s recovery ability! It’s on a completely different level from the inferior race of humans!」

「…Certainly, it’s amazing.」

The abdomen, which was cut open by Instant Flash, and the sword wounds carved by Mirrored Sakura Slash were all healed in no time.

「Then, all I have to do is cut at a rate where your healing can’t keep up!」