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However, he did not find much useful information. It was all about ‘Cold-Faced Lady – Qiandu Wiki’, ‘Cold-Faced Lady Myth Ending’, ‘Entrepreneurs Must Read: Cold-Faced Lady’s Business Plan’, and so on.

These contents were basically still a few months ago and had no effect at all.

“Rubbish Qiandu!”

Pei Qian silently complained again and decided to be more direct. He would call the current person-in-charge of the Cold-Faced Lady, Qi Yan!

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Pei Qian had been able to avoid interacting too much with the Cold-Faced Lady ever since he took over.

Pei Qian did not give Qi Yan any clear instructions other than to approve the Street Food Contest.

Not only that, after Pei Qian discovered that Rui Yuchen’s Fish-Catching Take-Out was expanding towards Beijing, he specially asked Rui Yuchen to open the shop opposite the Cold-Faced Lady so that Fish-Catching Take-Out could snatch all of the Cold-Faced Lady’s customers away.

Pei Qian did not give the Cold-Faced Lady more funds or open more branches. Instead, he maintained the low level of expenses required for a shop to operate normally.

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That was obviously because of the previous experience with Fish-Catching Take-Out.

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Back then, Fish-Catching Take-Out had been incurring losses. Pei Qian had been paying for it to expand. In the end, it had almost covered the entire Handong Province. All of a sudden, it was done for!

What’s more, Pei Qian was very afraid when he thought about the powerful observer effect on him. What if he gave a random order to the Cold-Faced Lady and Qi Yan’s understanding deviated and it became popular?

The Cold-Faced Lady’s shop had been losing money but Pei Qian held it in and did not continue to invest in more branches.

He had to admit that he had endured a lot.

However, it also proved that Pei Qian had high hopes for the cold-faced lady!

It was precisely because he hoped that this money-burning tree would grow smoothly without any problems that Pei Qian did not dare to give it too much care.

However, the Cold-Faced Lady that he had been keeping was going to make a comeback now?

How could they?

Pei Qian could not accept this fact.