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Obviously, Xiao Peng had been organizing frequent competitions in the internet cafe while managing the Live Esports Museum. Thus, he had accumulated a lot of precious experience which he could apply to the international invitational tournament.

There was a large screen above the stage, which would project images of the competition. On either side of the large screen were two longer screens, which displayed each team’s heroes and line-up.

There was also one small screen in front of the team members, which recorded each of their expressions.

At that moment, the competition had not officially started yet. Thus, Pei Qian whipped out his phone to check the situation on various platforms.

Local live-stream platforms had already set up a dedicated room for GOG’s international invitational tournament. Larger streaming platforms like Waiwai and ZZ were already experiencing huge traffic because of how popular the competition was among the audience.

That was largely because GOG had organized a local invitational competition before, and ZZ had organized a Performance Competition as well. GOG had already gained a lot of traction within the live-streaming circle. Now that the international invitational tournament was taking place, GOG only needed a little extra publicity to draw in large crowds.

After all, this was akin to a huge carnival.

On top of that, Shang Yang Games had also contacted live-streaming platforms overseas to stream the international invitational tournament.

Although the game’s popularity overseas could not be compared to that in China, it was still significant.

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On one hand, it was because GOG had conducted aggressive publicity overseas. Ever since the Multifaceted Man was released, many foreign players began paying attention to the game. Gamers of both client-side games and mobile games alike were familiar with GOG. On the other hand, it was also because eight foreign veteran clubs were taking part in the international invitational tournament as well. Naturally, this had become a topic of discussion in the foreign esports circles.

On top of that, Shang Yang Games had specially produced a promotional video for GOG’s first international invitational tournament.

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In the promotional video, Lin Wan appeared as the Director of Shang Yang Games and the person-in-charge of GOG’s overseas operations. With fluent English and a confident expression, she helped to win over many fans for the game.

“GOG’s international invitational tournament is by far the biggest GOG competition yet, and it’s about to become the biggest esports competition as well. We have esports athletes from all over the world, and a total of sixteen teams gathered in Jingzhou. They will fight for the most generous esports championship in history.

“Tengda’s mission has always been to go all out and achieve perfection. We have invested a huge amount of money in this international invitational tournament to prove our determination to promote esports and build an esports ecosystem.