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Meng Chang chose the easy way while Boss Pei chose the right way.

Qi Yan felt that she had to carry out Boss Pei’s will in her position and strategy since Boss Pei had already found a way to break out of the situation, giving the cold-faced lady a chance to be reborn, and had already given a clear path to this terminally ill brand.

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While Qi Yan did not know what the Cold-Faced Lady would become in the future, she was suddenly filled with confidence!

She stood up to get a cup of coffee after she was done with her work. At the same time, she checked on her colleagues in the office.

The overall situation was more complicated.

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Apart from the store front, Cold-Faced Lady also had an office area. She rented a workstation in an office building near the store. Meng Chang was quite willing to spend money on the project. There was coffee, drinks, afternoon tea, snacks, fruits, and so on. The working environment was also very good.

After Tengda took over, everything remained the same. There were no signs that they were going to cut down on benefits. Everyone was very satisfied.

However, everyone’s current working attitude was different.

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Some of them were obviously trying to slack off. They looked confused and lost. Some of them looked complacent and wanted to find something to do, but they did not know where to start.

After the Cold-Faced Lady changed boss, the original marketing activities were basically cancelled. Those in charge of marketing activities went all out to organize the Street Food Contest. However, now that the contest was done, they naturally had nothing to do.

There were also some people who were filled with worry for the cold-faced lady’s future.

They might not have seen the article, nor did they know about Boss Pei’s plans for the Cold-Faced Lady. They only felt that the company was going to fail sooner or later based on the current state of idling around. They would survive one day at a time, thus, they were more passive.

Qi Yan felt that she had to think of a way to boost everyone’s morale.

She had some ideas after being enlightened by Boss Pei. However, these ideas needed to be carried out and needed the cooperation of the others. If everyone continued to be so negative, Qi Yan would not be able to complete the tasks very well even if she were to assign tasks.

However, if she wanted to boost morale, she had to find an opportunity to convince everyone.