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(Phantom Spirit is the general term for monsters with tremendous power. Fafnir, which was handed down to Ria, was a Phantom Spirit that once attacked Vesteria… And the Black Organization is rushing to gather it, huh…)

I’m relatively curious about why the Black Organization is collecting Phantom Spirit, but…

(I don’t want to ask the wrong question and start a fight with Fu. And it’s perfectly obvious that it’s going to be for a good-for-nothing purpose anyway…) [TL Note: But the readers want to know why, ma dude!]

And so I decided to hold my tongue.

「By the way, Allen Rodore. May I ask you a question?」

「Aa, go ahead.」

「Have you ever thought about what lies at the『end of the world』?」

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Fu asked, with an extremely serious expression.

Fu asked me about what lies at the『end of the world』, with a serious expression.

「I’ve never really thought about the end of the world to be honest. If I remember correctly, there’s the『World Waterfall』, right?」

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According to the statement announced by the Holy Knights Association, this world is a huge square continent.

The elevated part is the land where man lives, and the ocean occupies most of the rest.

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The world is flat, and at the end of it is a colossal waterfall – World Waterfall.

The sea water that flowed down from there will become rain before long and pour down back into this world.

That’s everything there is to it.

Further investigation is strictly prohibited by international law.

「Aa, it’s as you say. That’s what we have been taught so far. But I don’t think that is true at all.」

「… What do you mean?」

「I have studied through history books, memoirs, classic literature, and all kinds of materials. However, there exists not a single material that describes anything remotely similar to the World Waterfall. Without any evidence, the only source we have to go by is the announcement from the Holy Knights Association. This is too unnatural and too strange. I can’t help but feel that it is artificial.」