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As good friends of Boss Pei, Qiao Liang and Ruan Guangjian had both been booked for interviews. However, they had to be interviewed separately.

That was because, strictly speaking, those were not simple interviews.

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Every person’s view of Boss Pei was subjective. They could not directly use them.

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Wu Bin had to seriously analyze every word that came out of those people’s mouths, repeatedly compare them with previous examples of Boss Pei’s actions, test the theories, smooth out the edges and make the information presentable, get rid of the false and keep the true, and then include what little was left into the book.

After all, the book was about the Tengda Spirit. A minor mistake could result in a world of difference. They could not afford to be careless.

What’s more, Wu Bin ordinarily had other work to do as well. That was why he always had to spend a long time organizing all the information. At best, he took two weeks; at worst, he could take an entire month.

Now, he was finally done analyzing Li Shi and Liang Qingfan’s interviews and could continue conducting more.

Qiao Liang was a good friend of Boss Pei’s. At the same time, he was an extremely influential UP Master on Aili Island. Wu Bin guessed that he would definitely be able to provide a unique perspective!

“My impression of Boss Pei...”

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Qiao Liang sipped his coffee and fell into deep thought.

If he had been asked that question before today, he might have given a completely different answer. However, after finishing all of Thriller Hostel’s projects, Qiao Liang suddenly had fresh perspectives and understanding.

He organized his thoughts and said, “Firstly, I think Boss Pei is an extremely magnanimous person. He could work with and tolerate people with the weirdest tempers and even become good friends with them.”

Wu Bin: “You are referring to...?”

Qiao Liang cleared his throat. “I should not expose this. I can’t badmouth others behind their backs. Moreover, I want to emphasize that, while this person has a very strange temperament, he is actually very kind inside.

“Boss Pei probably could become friends with such a person because he saw that person’s good nature.

“However, that doesn’t take away from how magnanimous Boss Pei is!