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He Desheng laughed. “Don’t worry, Boss Pei. I’m not a three-year-old. What kind of understanding is necessary for such a simple sentence?”

Pei Qian resonated deeply with this sentence.

Yeah, even a three-year-old can understand what I mean. Why would I need to explain? Why do the others always understand it wrongly then?

What a bother!

Pei Qian felt slight relief, seeing He Desheng act this way. “Don’t follow Zhang Wang in his shared phone booth project anymore. Focus on this shared top student project.

“Right, I think the name Shared Top Student is not appropriate.

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“I think it’s better to call it ‘Top student, come quick app’.”

Pei Qian was worried that this ‘shared’ concept would be targeted by some other investment institutions with ulterior motives. It would be troublesome if it became a hot investment opportunity.

Changing it to ‘top student, come quick’ hinted at it being a joke. No other investment institutions would come and mess things up, right?

Zhongdian Chinese Network…

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After two days of arrangement, the list of the first batch of students had been finalized. Preliminary work was mostly done.

Ma Yiqun got Zhu Xingan, the current editor-in-chief, to contact the middle and higher authorities of this website to let them sign up on their own. The list was finally produced after the website was screened.