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Buying something from Alibaba online and selling money?

“If we give up, then it’s all over! The first-years might get careless and slip up, you never know!”

“You seriously wanna go after ‘em? Forget that. It’s like, such a total waste of energy.”

“Woah woah, c’mon, don’t be like that!”

Both Nishino and Tsube stood in stark contrast to Ishizaki, who was practically bursting with energy.

“How ‘bout you just go ahead without us then?”

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“We won’t get the Early Bird Bonus if we do that though! Besides… it’d suck if we got split up or somethin’.”

Right now, the only thing you could check on your tablet was your own current location. Even amongst members of the same group, it would only be possible to find out where somebody else was once the GPS searching feature unlocked on the sixth day.

If you got separated from your group before then, you’d have a hard time meeting up with them again.

Seemingly unaware that I had been watching the whole exchange, Ishizaki reluctantly gave in and went back to Nishino and Tsube to match their pace.

I could understand his impatience, but there was no need to be in such a hurry straight from the get-go.

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“Found you!”

All of a sudden, a firm, almost angry, voice called out to us.

The owner of said voice approached us, fiercely glaring at Horikita.

“What do you want?”

“Want? I don’t ‘want’ anything. Just makin’ sure you know I’m never gonna lose to you…!”