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First of all, no large financial group would provide him with campaign funds. Of course, Phil could use his own money as campaign funds. That was relatively easy to resolve.

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Second, Phil could not give a public speech or debate in the venue where the Superhero Association was located because he had not joined the Association. His name would be nominated, but this nomination would only be symbolic. It was difficult for him to obtain votes because there was no opportunity for him to appear.

Finally, Phil did not have a very clear representation group. The minority, transgender, foreign immigrants, and other groups already had their own heroes. Phil’s image was incompatible with the appeal of these groups. It would only be one vote per person with just his fans, no matter how strong they were. He would be eliminated after one round at best.

Therefore, most superheroes, even the official members of the association who organized the Superhero election, felt that this was another performance of Phil’s. They did not take this matter to heart at all.

However, they soon realized that they were wrong: Phil had obviously thought about these problems beforehand.

Phil had chosen to represent the middle and lower class white people that others had always neglected. He said that he was actually representing all the citizens of Hope City, and even all the American citizens on the slogan.

Phil announced on Twitter that the Superhero Association, as well as the superheroes who had joined the association, had completely deviated from the spirit of Captain World even though they still referred to themselves as “the successors of the World Captain”. These superheroes were only satisfied with making speeches, acting, lying, and making money. They were actually not doing anything real, which was why the crime rate in Hope City was so high.

Phil was the one who had truly inherited the spirit of the world’s captain. He would definitely be able to change this rigid situation as long as he could obtain more support. He would let Hope City’s crime rate continue to decrease, and the superheroes would no longer be trapped in mutual deception and internal strife. Instead, they would unite and recreate the glory of Captain World under his lead.

Phil’s speech triggered an enthusiastic response.

The Superhero Association only gave Phil a title in the first election. They did not even allow him to give a speech in the event location. However, even so, Phil’s speech on Twitter still gathered a large number of fans for him. He crushed his opponent with an absolute advantage in votes and entered the next round of the election, becoming a rising star.

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Only then did the other superheroes realize that something was wrong.

The threatened superheroes were frantically digging up dirt about Phil through the television media, wanting to use these scandals to shatter the illusion that Phil had created in front of his fans.

However, what surprised them was that this move, which had worked time and again in the past, was now completely ineffective.

That was because the character designs of superheroes in the past were very perfect. It would be a very heavy blow to the superheroes as long as they dug out a piece of dirt and spread it around. They would not be able to do it flawlessly even if these superheroes were careful with their words and actions. They would always succeed if they wanted to nitpick.

There were too many scandals about Phil, including his academic qualifications, his company, his messy relationships, and even the script on ‘Successor’.

The media controlled by these large financial groups and superheroes began to bombard Phil, hoping to make him collapse through this way and completely lose the support of the people.

However, what they did not expect was that it did not work at all.

That was because Phil did not become a superhero in a conventional way. He had countless flaws on him, including the fact that he has messy relationships. The people had long known that about them and they did not cause him anything.