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Online selling small movies to make money?

This is not very logical.

This Boss Pei had not acted or done anything to prevent the nearby shops from snatching his customers; he had not asked his Fish-Catching Internet Cafe to make any changes at all.

He didn’t offer discounts or didn’t do any sales promotion; he had even hung a sign saying ‘no discounts’ on the door to dissuade customers from coming to ask about prices.

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Is he overly confident about Fish-Catching Internet Cafe?

Has he given up? Or perhaps… he had something planned up his sleeves?

Li Shi considered this for a long time. Finally, he still shook his head.

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Ah, I must be overthinking. Under these circumstances, most people would indeed be at a loss as well. He can’t lower his prices as that would hurt Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s high-class image. That would not be good in the long-term. This situation is indeed hard to get out of.

Or perhaps, he is doing this on purpose?

No, no, no; that is a little illogical.

While the other shops are burning money, at least they can raise their visibility. Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, however, is purely burning money. Only if he is crazy would he continue to struggle while earning no income at all.

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Unless he has some other plans that even I cannot fathom…

Forget it, I must be thinking too much. He is but a youngster; what card could he have up his sleeves?

Thinking about this, Li Shi started to laugh.

As this Boss Pei didn’t seem to do things based on logic, Li Shi couldn’t get a read on him; and so he had overestimated Boss Pei.

Li Shi thought for a while. He had entered the investment circle for so many years already; what storm had he not weathered? Even if this Boss Pei was a genius, he is lacking in experience after all. There was no point in overestimating him.

After finishing his glass of wine, Li Shi got ready to leave.