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Online Money Game Network Game Money Platform 6

I couldn’t help laughing.

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“Wh, what’s with this guy?”

“Has he gone crazy?”

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Everyone looked surprised at my sudden laughter. However, I couldn’t resist it.

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“No~, Mortriage... it’s fine, you guys.”

Even if they don’t like you, it wouldn’t have a negative in your life... rather, it was good for you... I almost said it out loud unintentionally.

At first, I thought that women in this country were strange, but there are also some like Karui and Elder Sis Tsukshi.

So, no big deal.

I laughed at them, they were just bitches.

“Look, the genius and the maidens seem to be uncomfortable, so let’s get going.”

With that said, I turned my back on them and tried to go back to the dojo.

“Hey, y, you! What’s with the attitude! Somehow, making a fool of us――――”

“You... Chiyo and the others... you laughed up your nose at my precious friends!!”

Don’t stomp the ground again...... the dude who I want to send flying far to the horizon.

“Hah... again...”

He couldn’t stand what I just said, so he went around in front of me and stomped on the ground again as if I was going to be intimidated.

Even the resentment of the angry girls was drowned out, as the man’s shout overpowered the girls.

And, perhaps Mortriage and the others, perhaps understanding the difference in power, stepped back slightly.