What is the meaning of making money online

What is the meaning of making money online

“Oi, you don’t need to repeat it. Well, I guess that’s our limit. We can’t say it out naturally at times like this.”

“…Da-ne da-ne.”

“That variation isn’t cute at all, senpai.”

“Tck. It’s really hard. Indeed, <Chiaki’s Path> is very deep…”

Konoha-san sincerely smiled for the first time today. I can’t help but smile after her too. So, after a while, the subtle nervousness surrounding us disappeared completely.

I handed Konoha-san her phone back. She gently smiled and continued.

“Perhaps senpai wouldn’t believe it because you know me. Actually, I wasn’t addicted to hentai because of the sex part.”

“Yeah, I know. Hmm, most people aren’t like that. In this generation, there are much better sources if you just want the sex part.”

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“Yeah, so, if you’re asking me which part of hentai I love, …I guess it’s because it lifted all restrictions, including the erotic descriptions. As a source of art and entertainment, it’s truly free. …It’s literally like onee-chan’s games.”

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I didn’t expect to hear Chiaki’s name.

Konoha-san continued with a bitter smile.

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“I know, right? But, despite my looks, I’ve actually always yearned for onee-chan.”

“…I see. Well, it’s a bit surprising, but I can understand. I do respect Chiaki from the bottom of my heart. It’s hard to find a girl like her, after all.”