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There is no doubt. It was this guy who spread the information about our duel and gathered all the academy students here. It seems that he is planning to humiliate me with the entire academy witnessing it.

Just… how rotten can this guy get.

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「Blast away the Failed Swordsman!」

「Kyaaー! Dodriel-sama! Good luck!」

A male teacher came into the gymnasium as the the students cheered for Dodriel’s victory and my defeat. He was momentarily surprised at the number of students and their loud noise, but then kept walking without saying anything.

「Well… It is the predetermined time, thus I want to start the duel between Dodriel Barton and Allen Rodore.」

……I see, so he isn’t even going to question this situation.

Fundamentally, a duel can’t take place if the terms for both parties are not equivalent.

Obviously, a duel in such an away situation is not fair in the slightest.

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(The neutral party from the academy, isn’t even going to interfere in this situation…)

Which means, even the academy wants to drive me out of here.


I just have to grit my teeth and accept the fact that I’m surrounded by enemies on all sides.