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How to learn what to make money online

Sigh, even so, at least I made it through that whole bra thing. So…

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“This is who you really are, idiot!”

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On the screen, Supreme Rintaro yelled at the < Money-losing Thing > brutally. She spewed foams out of her mouth and fainted.

After the retort part is over, Keita looked at the screen and bitterly smiled as he expressed his feelings.

“Initially, I can’t immerse myself with the protagonist in this game for even a little. …However, after I actually played it, I realized the plot is more interesting than I expected. I didn’t believe the < Money-losing Thing > the protagonist is actually worse than him…”

“Yeah, this game did a fantastic job at this part. In reality, the main character is nothing but a jerk. However, he managed to uncover the < Money-losing Background >’s darkest secrets. At the end, when the douche main character pushed the lowest scum < Money-losing Thing > to her desperation. It somehow feels refreshing.”

“I didn’t expect the < Money-losing Thing > has been stealing the company’s money.”

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“The plot is really creative and unexpected when a sudden evil person is exposed during a drinking party like this. It’s nice, right.”

“Yeah. Right, speaking of unexpected, the part where this < Money-losing Thing > is actually a man is quite shocking too! If plots, where the gender is misinterpreted, can exist like this, it really gives off a fictitious feeling. After all, it’s not so easy to mess up someone’s gender in real-life, right!”

“Y-You’re right…”

I secretly looked away. …Did this guy say it on purpose?

The game screen showed < The End of Chapter 1 >. So, Keita put down the controller and continued with an innocent smile.

“However, the protagonist later said this manly, ‘I do think that a guy is a guy. It’s fine.’ It freaked me out too.”