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Immediately after that, the Supreme Wind Blade, still boasting tremendous power,

mangled my whole body.

「Ga, ha…」

The wounds I suffered from the blade of wind were… deep. Too deep.

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To the extent where I can’t even think of continuing the fight.

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As I crawled on the ground, gritting my teeth hard, Fu suddenly looked away from me and said something unbelievable.

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「Hmm, you’ve been beaten up quite badly, Dodriel.」

「Ahaa… sorry, senpai… However, I’ve captured Fafnir!」

The bloodied Dodriel came down from the second floor of the academy building.

A black shadow floated behind him, and Ria, who was supposed to be in the staff room, was hung mid-air.

「R-Ria?! Dodriel…!」 I shouted, the fear in my voice apparent.

「Ahaa. How are you doing, Allen?」 Dodriel, whose wounds have been somehow healed, brought his face closer to me.

「W-Why are you still…?!」

I cut him with Instant Flash.

He should not be able to move anymore.

「Ahaa, the advancement of science is amazing… Although this drug shaves off a little bit of your life span, it can instantly heal any injuries.」 he said, taking a blue pill out of his pocket.

(That’s a spirit pill…!)

Looking closer, the 〈Shadow Ruler〉 gripped in Dodriel’s right hand was greatly distorted.