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From the look of it, I had inadvertently caused her to recognize me as a potential enemy of Class B.

“The exam is over. Students, please leave the room as soon as possible.”

“Sakagami-sensei, should we return to our classrooms first?”

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“No, you’re done for today. You’re free to go straight home if you want.”

Apparently, there was no need for the classes to reassemble today. I was grateful for that.

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“The students are so lucky, aren’t they? Getting to go back home and all.”

“Hoshinomiya-sensei, let’s get ready to clean up.”

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Sakagami and Hoshinomiya began preparing to take down the event equipment from the multipurpose room. The atmosphere of the room was so relaxed that it was hard to believe that such a tense battle had just been fought. Shortly thereafter, Sakayanagi leisurely emerged from the other side of the computer.

She had probably been waiting for the teachers to distance themselves from the two of us.

“Many thanks for today, Ayanokōji-kun.”

“Yeah. You too.”

After the seventh event, the first thing we did was exchange pleasantries with each other.

It had only taken 30 minutes, but she had been going full throttle the entire time. Her fatigue was probably considerable.

“It takes endurance to play chess. There was Horikita-san’s marvelous response to Hashimoto during the opening, and then your own extraordinary fighting style that was even better than that. It truly was wonderful.”

Sakayanagi had a satisfied look on her face. It seemed like she had brought out her very best.

“Honestly, you were far stronger than I had imagined. You blew through Horikita’s advantage and I lost. There’s no doubt about it.”

“That’s not the case. It was a very good match. It could’ve gone either way until the very end. Though, you wouldn’t disagree that the one move I made toward the end was what made all the difference, yes?”

“Your queen sacrifice was brilliant.”