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「Yes… I’m also a little nervous.」Ria, walking to my right, nodded.

Everywhere you looked, all the members were dressed in black cloaks.

It felt as if I had become a member of the Black Organization too. It wasn’t a very pleasant feeling.

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(But, well, borrowing this cloak really came in handy.)

As Zack said, as long as you’re wearing this cloak, you won’t look suspicious.

(There are some guys who stare at us sometimes, but…)

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They just pass by without saying anything.

(I guess one’s personality shows up in situations like these.)

Ria walked forward carefully, seeming to be feeling on edge.

On the other hand, the courageous Rose, and Lilim-senpai who is always positive, walked confidently.

And Ferris senpai, who is usually calm, was in the same condition as usual.

(But the person who I’m a little surprised about is Sebas-san.)

He covered the hood deep enough to cover the tip of his nose, and walked at the end of the line with his face down so that he would never be seen.

I thought he was bold and confident, but he actually seemed to be a pretty cautious type.